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What are the quality requirements when producing tarpaulins?

by:LINYANG     2022-09-28
As long as the product is produced, there will be certain production requirements. If this requirement can be met in all aspects, it means that the product is very good. The same is true for tarpaulins. Its production process is very strict. In order to allow customers to use high-quality tarpaulins, we need to produce tarpaulins that meet the standards. requirements. What problems and requirements should be paid attention to when producing tarpaulins? 1. Stitching techniques in the middle of the stitches: quality requirements, cloth feeding, cloth pulling, gun tip, everyone should be ready for the person who pulls the gun tip, dripping water and temperature are adjusted moderately, if it is too high, it will be adjusted downward, over low and needs to be adjusted upwards. Burnt holes must be cut and straightened, then re-spliced. If it is not stuck, it must be re-spliced. 2. When holding the cloth, it is necessary to strictly check whether the cloth has cracks, peeling, damage, holes, thin wefts, jumpers and other phenomena. If necessary, cut first and then stitch. 3. Cutting, if there is no problem with the fabric after inspection, the fabric needs to be measured, straightened before cutting, the size should be accurate according to the requirements, each piece must be marked with specifications, and attention should be paid to the time of each piece. Connect the original leads, then cut the material according to the order. Only one leader can be reserved for each color and specification. Once there are no orders, quickly organize workshops to sort and splice the remaining leaders. Neatly categorized. It is also a tarpaulin, but the material is different and usually varies. If the production material is different, it will eventually lead to performance issues unless it is used in the material. In addition to focusing on this aspect, we must also pay attention to its performance during production. And if it's just a quality production material without a good production process, then it won't have good quality properties, and in the production process, it also has a certain strength that has a relationship with the tarpaulin manufacturer's strength, so before buying When this product is used, the user should also pay attention to the production capacity of the tarpaulin manufacturer.
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