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What are the properties of the decorative film

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
The decorative film of the PVC film has heat insulation performance: The heat insulation rate of the product is quantified by using advanced technology to control the product, and the heat insulation rate can reach 79%. Depending on the size and orientation of the household) effectively control the sun and exposure, and reduce the cost of air conditioning. Health and comfort. Curtains, parasols, awnings: The heat insulation rate of traditional sunshade products cannot be quantified. In many cases, they are shading and cannot be insulated.

The decorative film of PVC film can keep warm: this series of decorative films can play a role in heat preservation in winter. Through vacuum magnetron sputtering coating, the indoor heat source (far infrared) can be reflected back to the room, thus playing a role of heat preservation.

UV protection: Because the film is filled with UV absorbers, it can isolate 99% of the UV rays, protect the skin from harm, and the furniture, floors and fabrics of the home will not fade.
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