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What are the plastic additives introduced in PVC film?

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
PVC film introduces you to plastic additives, also known as plastic additives. Its role is to add some compounds that must be added in order to improve its processing performance or improve the performance of the resin itself during molding processing.

The improved requirements for plastic additives include good compatibility with the added synthetic resin, long-term stability, and a synergistic effect evenly dispersed in the resin. Try to use plastic additives that can promote each other's functions. Good durability. No dialysis, no generation, no migration or extraction by water and liquid substances. Suitable for the use requirements of products. The adaptability to processing conditions is better. It has good dispersibility and can be easily dispersed evenly during processing and molding. These six points can meet the requirements of most products for additives. Of course, many PVC products have special requirements for PVC stabilizers, and these requirements have been solved in the development of PVC stabilizers.
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