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What are the operating specifications of the PVC

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
The operating specifications of the PVC film film pressing process are that the film pressing glue is a two-component glue, and the activation temperature is about 60 ℃. The storage environment temperature must be between 5°C and 30°C, and flocculation may occur below 5°C. The plastic bucket should not be placed directly on the ground, but should be placed on a wooden bracket, especially in winter. The validity period of the film adhesive is 6 months from the date of leaving the factory without opening the original packaging.

Film pressure glue preparation ratio: main agent: curing agent=20:1. When mixing the main agent and curing agent, keep the main agent under agitation. The curing agent is slowly added and stirred for at least 3 minutes. The amount of glue prepared each time should be used up within 4 hours. The plastic bucket should be tightly closed after mixing.
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