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What are the materials of tarpaulin -? News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-10-24
What are the materials of tarpaulin? Tarpaulin can often be seen in our lives. In order to meet the needs of major customers, tarpaulin manufacturers produce tarpaulin of various materials. 1. Cotton yarn tarpaulin: poor uniformity, different mesh sizes, different shapes and low pressure resistance. Therefore, the quality of the printed plate and the printing resistance are not ideal, so it is rarely used. 2. Polyester rain cloth: also known as polyester tarpaulin, it is also a kind of synthetic fiber. The mesh area and density are uniform. Its chemical resistance is stronger than nylon tarpaulin and its elongation is lower than that of nylon tarpaulin. Its disadvantage is that static electricity is generated during printing and its water content is worse than that of nylon tarpaulin. 3. Nylon tarpaulin: it is a common printed substrate. The woven composition is made of polyamide fiber. It is a kind of synthetic fiber, also known as nylon mesh, nylon mesh and nylon mesh. Nylon tarpaulin is characterized by high strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance and elasticity. Because the wire diameter is uniform and the surface is smooth, the ink passing ability is also excellent. The disadvantage is that nylon tarpaulin has greater tensile properties. The tension of this kind of tarpaulin is reduced for a period of time after the net is stretched, which makes the tarpaulin printing plate slack and the accuracy is reduced. Therefore, it is not suitable for printing circuit boards with high dimensional accuracy requirements. 4. Metal tarpaulin rain cloth: It is characterized by high strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, high surface finish, and excellent conductivity. The disadvantage is that the elasticity is small, and the tarpaulin cannot restore elasticity with creases, resulting in scrapping. 5. Silk rain cloth: uniformity, tensile strength and surface finish are higher than cotton yarn tarpaulin. The disadvantage is that the elongation is too large, it is easy to age and deteriorate, the light resistance is not good, and it is easy to become brittle when exposed to light for a long time. The above is the introduction of the material of the tarpaulin. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and look forward to your call!
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