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What are the materials of military tents?

by:LINYANG     2020-05-31
1: Fabric-high-density polyester yarn, polyester waterproof cloth is suitable for a variety of high-end clothing linings such as umbrellas, car covers, marine umbrellas, bags, handbags, shower curtains, tablecloths, chair covers, sleeping bags and so on. High-density polyester yarn and polyester waterproof fabric are also a traditional fabric of chemical fiber fabrics. The secondary cloth has high waterproof performance! 2: Bracket-plastic-steel structure: the plastic-steel structure does not need to be installed manually, and is easy to retract. The tents are made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials, and the workmanship is very exquisite. They have passed strict EU CE and EN71 safety testing certifications, and the products are mainly sold to the EU and Japanese markets. No irritating taste, parents can use it with confidence! Most tents have gauze nets, the role of which is to ensure the effectiveness of the ventilation in the tent and there is enough fresh air, and you can observe the outdoor activities outside the tent! Special reminders, most of the tent doors are glued with Velcro. Sometimes the Velcro will stick to the gauze when the tent is retracted, which will cause the gauze to stick to the area. It is not a quality problem or flaw in gauze! 【How to use】 1. Unpack the product and slowly unfold it. (Note that the product will bounce off quickly when it is turned on) Pros use it carefully. 2. There are accessories in this product, please follow the instructions to install the accessories. 3. After use, store the accessories completely for the next use. 4. When folding, please follow the folding package in the packaging bag, if you don't understand, you can contact the shopkeeper. [Notes] 1. This product must be kept away from power sources and flammable materials to avoid unnecessary losses. 2. The product cannot be loaded. Please do not place heavy objects on the product. 3. Please place this product in a safe place to prevent children from being injured when playing. 4. The tents should be reinforced with rope nails to prevent collapse and injury to residents.
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