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What are the functions of glass explosion-proof membrane?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-17


What are the functions of glass explosion-proof membrane?

1. Anti-glare: After the film is applied, the glare of the previous Thorn becomes soft and pleasant, keeping the eyes comfortable.

2. Warm in winter: in addition to the heat insulation effect, the Four Seasons Universal film can be 20 ~ in winter ~ 30% of the heat energy is reflected back into the house, making the house warmer and more comfortable.

3. Retain privacy: After the film is applied, the inside of the House cannot be seen clearly, and the film has high light transmittance, unlike curtains, which can retain privacy without sacrificing your beautiful vision and free living space.

4. Ultraviolet isolation: long waves in ultraviolet rays can penetrate glass, even 9 feet of water. The heat-insulating film can cut off 99% of ultraviolet rays, greatly reduce the fading of furniture caused by ultraviolet rays in the room, and prolong the service life of furniture, etc.

5. Improve the efficiency of HVAC: the thermal conversion of the air conditioner will lose the cooling capacity of the air conditioner, and the efficiency may be reduced by nearly 15%. After the heat insulation film is attached, the loss of cooling capacity of the air conditioner can be compensated without increasing the expensive cooling capacity.

6. Heat insulation: The heat insulation rate is as high as 79%, and a layer of film = brick wall can effectively block the heat radiation and heat conduction of solar energy. In summer, the room temperature difference between the front and back of the film is as high as Octave, saving air conditioning costs, prevent household utensils from cracking or warpage of wood products due to continuous high temperature irradiation.

7. Safety and explosion-proof: prevent personal injury caused by natural breakage of ordinary glass and tempered glass, and protect the safety of you and your family. The scattered glass in the burst is often the first injury to the human body when an accident occurs. The 3M safety explosion-proof membrane is unique among its peers. Its impact resistance and tear resistance far exceed other membranes of the same thickness. Not only passed the 500-pound TNT yellow explosive explosion test in the United States, but also the only one with 0. The thickness of 1mm passed the US National Bureau of Standards ANSIZ97. 1 the highest standard glass film.

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