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What are the factors affecting the service life of quality tarpaulins and _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-30
Are the major factors affect the quality tarpaulins and life of the tear resistance, water resistance, flame retardancy, permeability, resistance to tension and retraction stability of these six aspects. Of course, not tarpaulin must have more than six elements, depending on the type and the use of functional testing indexes are also different. 1, tear strength: tarpaulins damage mainly caused by a tear, so the tear strength is an important index of tarpaulin. Tear strength relates to whether the tent will be broken due to fly to the role of external things or for some reason after the formation of holes to expand, to form the structure of the large crack. So, when the tension is big. Requires both canopy cover with high tensile strength, it has high tear strength. 2, water resistance, water resistance is one of the important features, tarpaulins by dipping, fill the vinyl chloride tree fat in fabric clearance, form a coating. If the amount of resin adhesion per unit area is more than a certain degree, water resistance is not a problem. If the coating is thinner, by bending, gentle rub or wear on the surface, coating is easy to rupture, can cause mud. 3, flame retardancy, from use of the safety of mountain, requirement analysis has good flame retardancy. Flame retardant will be selected by flame retardant fiber and flame retardant fabric. Can also be implemented by adding flame retardant coating agent. Flame retardant additives and flame retardant effect has a direct relationship. 4, permeability: analysis must take into account the permeability, especially in military tent cloth, tissue permeability factors of absence made a bottom cloth, density, quantity of materials, waterproofing agent, resin adhesion, etc. With the increase of amount of resin adhesion, tarpaulins decreased permeability. Of course that is associated with the finishing agent used. Most generally has the awning room ventilation for the paraffin or propylene eyes resin finishing of cotton, short whalen, QiGuan rape d fabric products. 5, tensile strength: tarpaulins when use to withstand all kinds of tension, such as fixed by tension taut, in use process should be the role of the wind, rain, and other additional force. In spite of these forces, still require them to keep the original shape, not easy deformation, which requires the tarpaulins have higher tensile strength, latitude and longitude and should not be too big to tensile strength. Especially as an inflatable building large tensile strength awning room is very important. Generally the bottom cloth with high tenacity polyester, whalen isometric fabrics. The vinyl chloride resin, sulfonyl chloride waterproofing acylation of polyethylene resin. Products of strong mainly by the strength of the fiber and fabric density. 6, retraction stability is also called the elongation and dimensional stability: as awning room and big awning room, the roof is often used under tension. Fabric elongation shoulds not be too big, its dimensional stability is determined by the creep properties of materials. Tarpaulin, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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