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What are the commonly used agricultural films?

by:LINYANG     2022-11-06
Agricultural film is a general term for plastic films used in agricultural production. It can be divided into mulch film, shed film, agricultural and animal husbandry film according to the purpose and usage. In addition to transparent mulch, there are also colored mulch, weeding, degradation, light conversion and other functional mulch. According to the growth needs of crops, shed film can be divided into ordinary plastic shed film, functional plastic shed film (including anti-aging, anti-fog droplet, heat preservation, dust-proof, etc.), controlled functional plastic shed film (such as spectrum selection, spectrum conversion, function control shed film, etc.). Agricultural and animal husbandry films include pasture silage films, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping films, and food storage films. In recent years, with the changes in agricultural and animal husbandry production needs and the continuous advancement of science and technology, the requirements for agricultural films have become higher and higher, and various new films have been continuously developed and marketed. Now the commonly used agricultural film is introduced as follows: Light and thin film. The thickness of this film is only half the thickness of ordinary film, so the weight is reduced by half, and the corresponding cost of use is also reduced by half. The light transmittance and thermal insulation properties of this film are also better than those of ordinary films, but it is difficult to recycle when used in agricultural production. Multipurpose film. This kind of film is not only used for rice, cotton, corn, flue-cured tobacco, flower seedlings and field cover, but also can be used as flood control film, lining irrigation canals and water storage tanks, thereby greatly improving the water utilization coefficient. Longevity film. In order to make the film anti-aging and easy to recycle, adding an anti-aging agent in the production process can prolong the life of the film by 2 to 4 times. The mulch film still has a certain strength after the film is removed, and can still be used after recycling, which not only reduces the cost, but also reduces the amount of residual film in the field. Insect repellent film. It is a multi-layer film made of regular vinyl and low density vinyl. This film only reflects the ultraviolet rays of sunlight to the surrounding, and suppresses the reflection of visible light. Pests do not dare to approach the film because they are afraid of ultraviolet light, so they can play an insect-proof effect; it is especially effective for the control of aphids and red spiders with strong drug resistance. Disease prevention film. This is a special film, such as corn mulch, cotton mulch, melon and vegetable mulch, etc. It is produced by taking advantage of specific diseases of different crops. In the production process of the disease prevention film, a specific pesticide is added in a targeted manner. This mulch film has no residue, no pollution and remarkable disease prevention effect, and has been widely used in planting in many places. Weeding film. Herbicidal film is an emerging agricultural plastic film, which is made by adding black masterbatch or chemical herbicide in the production process of ordinary plastic film. Weeding film can be divided into herbicide-containing mulch film and sunscreening agent-containing weeding film. The herbicide-containing weeding film is pre-mixed with herbicide, adjuvant and resin, or made into a masterbatch, and then blown into a film on an ordinary plastic film extruder. The production process of the mulch film is simple, the equipment investment is low, and the equipment for producing ordinary mulch film can be produced. The weeding film containing sunlight shielding agent is a black film produced by a film blowing machine based on high pressure polyethylene resin and linear low density polyethylene resin, adding black masterbatch, antioxidant and ultraviolet light absorber. It does not contain herbicides and is currently widely used in high-efficiency agriculture. Degrading film. It is a new type of agricultural film produced to meet the needs of society for environmental protection. According to the degradation mechanism, degradable agricultural film can be divided into photodegradable film, thermo-oxidative degradation film, starch-filled film and so on. Because its main component is actually polyethylene, it is still difficult to degrade completely after use, and it cannot be recovered after being cracked into pieces and buried in the soil, which is very likely to cause secondary pollution. Only fully biodegradable membranes can achieve complete degradation. At present, breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of fully biodegradable membranes at home and abroad. At present, there are also new products in China that are being tested and applied. In addition, according to the structure of agricultural film, it can be divided into single-layer plastic film and multi-layer co-extruded plastic film; according to the processing method, it can be divided into calendered film, blown film, T-die extrusion film and other types; according to the raw materials of agricultural film , can be divided into polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic film, polyolefin (including LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, EVA, etc.) plastic film. According to the performance and function of agricultural film, it can also be divided into drip film, non-drip film, transparent film, colored film, fluorescent film, light selective film, high temperature resistant film, cold resistant film, dustproof film, thermal insulation film, astigmatism film, Adhesive films and porous films, etc.
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