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What are the common kinds of tarpaulins _ industry trends

by:LINYANG     2020-03-30
There are many different kinds of tarpaulins, but in daily life, we often only PE tarpaulin, PVC tarpaulin and canvas tent of the three, color words are striped, army green, blue and white, etc. Relative to the tent, consumers may be the name of canvas is more familiar with, because of the geographical differences, called also very different, and the type of tarpaulin manufacturer also is to have a lot of. Waterproof tarpaulins is through special process, used for waterproof or well protected against dampness, moisture, a tent. And plastic coated cloth series is made up of fabrics and chemical filling material, after dipping, coating, scraping, drying, such as cold production process is made and be become. Plastic coated tarpaulin series of standard material composition is made of high strength tensile polyester woven cloth billet, high-quality tree powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, the right amount of calcium powder with a small amount of chemical raw materials. Which has the function of waterproof, mouldproof tarpaulins, no doubt, given the consumer great help in our daily life, whether open cover, or various site up temporary shed, it is our good helper. The above content is provided by linyi liqun tarpaulin factory more, as do big tent production base in shandong, perennial engaged in design and manufacture of tarpaulin we have exquisite process and technology, the quality of supplied products, safe to use and was deeply loved by the masses of customers and favor, welcome for old customers to visit order.
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