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What are the common films for agriculture and animal husbandry?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-28


What are the common films for agriculture and animal husbandry?

(1) Forage silage film

forage silage is of great significance for the development of intensive livestock breeding. The mechanism of green storage is anaerobic fermentation. Silage film should meet the following requirements: good flexibility, sufficient tensile strength and puncture resistance, good oxygen resistance and light resistance. At present, silage films are mostly blue, green and white PE films with a thickness of 0. 09-0. 20mm, with a folding diameter of lm or more, the silage film can be a single layer or a three-layer film.

(2) Fruit and vegetable preservative film

fruit and vegetable preservation methods include radiation irradiation, low temperature preservation, quick freezing preservation and plastic film bag preservation. The fresh-keeping packaging plastic bag used for fresh-keeping of plastic film bags is prepared by blow molding, stretching and compounding of HDPE, LDPE, pvc, EVA and other raw materials according to the principle of controlled atmosphere. China's plastic fresh-keeping film has been developed since 1970s, with PE as the main raw material. At present, it has been applied to the fresh-keeping packaging of citrus, apple, banana, garlic, etc. Plastic wrap is used for packaging and preservation of fruits and vegetables after harvest. PE is generally used, because PE is the lowest price breathable plastic. There are many varieties of fresh-Keeping Packaging Films. For different fruits and vegetables, there should be different proportions and varieties of additives. Anti-fog drops and additives for improving air permeability (Such as molecular sieve, silica, etc)Anti-fogging agent (Such as carbendazim, TBZ sorbic acid, etc)And general processing aids; For fruit plastic wrap, ethylene absorbent (Such as activated carbon, potassium permanganate, etc). The air permeability of some plastic wrap can also be obtained by secondary stretching after adding inorganic filler to form a film.

(3) Grain plastic wrap

China is a populous country with an annual consumption of more than 0. 3 billion tons of grain and a medium-and long-term grain storage of nearly 100 million tons. In the process of grain storage, in order to prevent insects, rats, mildew and oxidation, grain piles or stacks are usually sealed, and deaerants and fumigants are combined to achieve the above objectives. For a long time, polyvinyl chloride calendering film has been generally used as sealing material for grain piles or stacks, and polyethylene blow molding film has recently been used. Since the early 1980s S, foreign countries have gradually used nylon composite film instead of polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene film for grain storage. Since the early 1990s S, a very small number of grain depots in China have selected nylon composite membranes. However, due to insufficient understanding of new materials and the influence of customary factors, most grain depots have not yet selected this new generation of packaging materials with excellent performance.

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