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What are the characteristics of the waterproof tarpaulin produced by the tarpaulin factory?

by:LINYANG     2022-07-26
The waterproof tarpaulin products produced by the tarpaulin factory have waterproof, strong weather resistance, mildew resistance, flame retardant (self-extinguishing as required), high strength and acid and alkali resistance, but do not mix with strong solvents during the use of tarpaulins. (such as ethers, ketones, etc.) and oils (gasoline, diesel, vegetable oil) and lipid substances to avoid the formation of degumming or hardening. In addition, when the tarpaulin is used as a car awning and a boat awning, it is necessary to use a rope to tighten the tarpaulin, otherwise the adhesive layer will fall off at the crease due to wind blowing. Customers who buy tarpaulins usually put the tarpaulins in the shade and vent after they are used up. The reason is very simple. The tarpaulins will become a bit old when exposed to the wind and rain outdoors for a long time. The following are effective ways to extend the life cycle of the tarpaulin: 1. Please keep the tarpaulin away from corrosive items as much as possible. 2. After the tarpaulin is used, you can properly clean the swag on the tarpaulin. 3. After the tarpaulin is used, the local environment for storage can be selected in a cooler indoor place. 4. The tarpaulin should not be pressed by heavy objects as much as possible, and can be placed in the corner of the warehouse.
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