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What are the characteristics of the lubricant

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
PVC film additives have better lubricating properties, especially good cold-proof properties, good penetration properties, and low environmental pollution. This is the development direction of lubricants for stamping. Mainly used in punch drawing, punching, punching, bending and other processes in the process of workpiece forming, and can complete the most difficult deep drawing punch drawing.

Increase mold life 2. High-strength steel molding 3. Reduce raw material costs 4. Save energy 5. Efficient production, increase added value 6. Protect the environment 7. Reduce oil pollution and waste 8. No oil fume restrictions 9. Reduce miscellaneous costs. IRMCO water-based lubricants have no flash point and are safer to use. It is transparent and can be diluted with water, and no delamination will occur after dilution, and true compatibility can be achieved.
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