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What are the characteristics of PVC calendering film?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-19


PVC calendering film is made by calendering process, calendering is to pass the heated polyvinyl chloride plastic through the gap between one or more pairs of horizontal rollers rotating in opposite directions so that the materials can bear the effects of extrusion and extension, and become a thin product with a certain thickness, width and smooth surface. Polyvinyl chloride calendered film occupies an important position in plastic greenhouse film, in addition, it is widely used in Yantian tarpaulin, industrial packaging, electrical insulation, inflatable film products, light box advertising, engineering waterproofing, daily necessities packaging, etc.

What are the characteristics of pvc calendering film

The reason why PVC calendering film is so widely used is that it has the following characteristics.

(1)High tensile strength. The tensile strength of PVC calendered film is as high as 29MPa. In the sandstorms in the northwest, PE film and EVA film were damaged, but the PVC film was intact.

(2)Good insulation performance. As an agricultural greenhouse covering material, glass has the best thermal insulation performance, followed by PVC calendering film (Has strong infrared absorption capacity), Again for PE film. In addition, the thermal insulation performance of PVC calendering film is not much different from that of glass at night, which is extremely beneficial to the growth of crops.

(3)Good transparency. PVC calendering film is extruded by mirror roller during molding, and its surface finish is very high, and its condensation of water droplets is less, so its light transmittance is relatively high, which is very beneficial to the photosynthesis of crops.

(4)Uniform thickness. Because the roller of PVC calendering film is in the shape of Middle drum, the middle roller crosses, the lower roller has pre-strain, and the roller surface is finely ground, the thickness accuracy is relatively high.

(5)Good adhesion. According to the application requirements, PVC calendering film can adopt high-frequency welding, thermal bonding, adhesive bonding and other methods, which is convenient to use.

(6) According to the different uses of PVC calendering film, it can be satisfied by changing the production formula and process conditions.

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