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What are the characteristics and uses of greenhouse films?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-30


greenhouse film refers to a wide film with a folding diameter of more than 2m used in agricultural greenhouses. At present, the widest greenhouse film produced in China has a folding diameter of 5 m, after expansion, it is 10 m. Greenhouse film is mainly used for vegetable greenhouses instead of glass to protect greenhouses. Due to the wide width of greenhouse film, it does not need welding and can also be used as tarpaulin.

There are many varieties of greenhouse films, including ordinary greenhouse films, reinforced greenhouse films, longevity greenhouse films and drip-free longevity greenhouse films. The main difference between these films is that the formula is different, so the performance is different, and each has its own characteristics in use, but the production process is the same, and the physical and mechanical properties of ordinary greenhouse films are the same as those of ordinary polyethylene films; The reinforced greenhouse film is characterized by high strength, good toughness, tensile strength of more than 20MPa and elongation of more than 400%; In addition to its high strength and good toughness, the longevity greenhouse film is mainly characterized by good aging resistance and its service life is twice that of ordinary greenhouse film. Ordinary greenhouse film can be used for one year, while longevity greenhouse film can be used continuously for two years; The drip-free longevity greenhouse film is based on the longevity film, adding a surfactant to increase the affinity of the surface of the film to water, connecting a large number of small water droplets into large water droplets, and flowing down the membrane wall to the ground, therefore, water mist can be eliminated. Improve the light transmission of the film and promote the growth of crops.

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