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What are the benefits of using glass sunscreen insulation film in buildings?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-28


The sun protection and heat insulation film is plated with metal on the base film, while the common solar film is coated with a layer of color on the base film, some ordinary explosion-proof films are coated with aluminum powder, so there is a big difference in reflective materials. In the process of use, the aluminum powder coating is easy to oxidize and blacken, while the metal film can maintain a relatively stable color for a long time. In order to block more than 50% of solar heat radiation in summer and block indoor heat emission in winter, the cost of air conditioning or heating is greatly reduced, so it is necessary to use glass sunscreen and heat insulation film.

◇ bulletproof safety is like the high-strength bulletproof safety function of iron armor Diamond

glass film, it can provide effective security protection for important occasions such as financial institutions, military institutions, and foreign affairs institutions. In the glass doors of these institutions---- The window is equipped with a glass film, which is like the protection of the Iron King Kong, which can play the functions of anti-theft, anti-grab, explosion-proof and bulletproof.

interior decoration, stylish and elegant

glass film, using advanced coloring technology, can meet the requirements of different consumers for home decoration and decoration. The diversity of styles and colors provides you with broader and more fashionable space design requirements. It provides more choices for elites who pursue fashion, health, environmental protection and diversified life.

◇ sound blocking and anti-theft, giving you a quiet space

can effectively block external noise and make work and life more quiet, A hidden anti-theft net is built inside to protect private property.

◇ anti-sun and anti-purple, and enjoy a healthy life forever

glass film can prevent up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays from invading, and its sun protection coefficient (100) Far better than the sun protection factor of ordinary glass and even some special sunscreen products. Fully protect your health and prevent fading and aging of carpets, furniture, decorations, artworks, fabrics, etc. Glass film UV-blocking film is suitable for: various civil buildings, commercial buildings, outdoor public facilities

◇ explosion-proof and earthquake-resistant, avoid accidental injury

ordinary glass is extremely vulnerable to external impact and broken, whether it is natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes or man-made or non-human accidents, will cause the hidden danger of personal injury caused by broken glass. Installing a glass film can prevent natural disasters and man-made damage, build a hidden protective net for the glass, reduce accidental personal injury and protect property safety. Glass film is mainly suitable for: bank, shopping mall, gold and silver jewelry store, station, hotel, restaurant and other entertainment venues window and floor glass curtain wall.

◇ anti-peep protection, build a private world

stick a series of glass films on the inside of the door and window glass, which will not affect the light injection, it can also make the scenery outside the window clearly distinguishable, and it can also make the peeping eyes unable to see the private space in the room,

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