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What are the benefits of car solar film?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-22

Global Plastics News:

What are the benefits of sticking solar films to automobiles?

1. Car film can improve the appearance of your car and add a noble style.

2. The car film can create a private space to prevent the eyes of others from peeping, and block the desire to steal or steal by peeping into the car.

3. The car film can increase the safety of driving. In the event of a traffic accident, the film can stick the glass piece in place to prevent the glass fragments from splashing and hurting the human body.

4. The car film can block ultraviolet rays, thus protecting the skin of people in the car from ultraviolet burns; After pasting the film, it is like applying sunscreen to the car and using a sunshade, which can slow down the fading, aging and cracking of the car interior.

5. After the car is installed with high-quality heat insulation film, it can greatly block the solar heat energy into the car, thus reducing the load of the car air conditioner and improving the fuel efficiency. The effect of saving fuel can be achieved by reducing the load of the car engine.

6. Dazzling light and overheating of the environment when driving will cause the driver to feel dizzy, thus increasing the possibility of accidents. Car film can reduce dangerous glare from the sun, snow and other headlights and help drive safely.

7. The car film can block the heat of the sun and increase the comfort of driving. The adoption of a suitable heat-insulating and explosion-proof membrane for automobiles can reduce the demand for air-conditioning in the car by 60% in hot summer, make the car cool and comfortable, and block the solar radiant heat by up to 83%.

It can be seen from this that there are many advantages for cars to stick solar films. The birth of the solar film has completely changed our life in the sun. After all, the car film is mainly to deal with the hot sun and ultraviolet light in summer.

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