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What are the advantages of silicone protective film do screen film?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-08
There are a lot of people asked this question, silicone protective film to protect his eyes really works? This problem is for sure, a little help, or computers, mobile phones that why the hang a layer of protective film screen? Specific have what effect, which the silicone protective film is useful, let's take a look at the following interpretation. In general, the desktop computer protective film must be useful, there are all sorts of function. But I still suggest to buy a protective screen, hanging in front of the display of that kind of, can effectively prevent all kinds of problems. Is now recognized as one of the best protects vision LCD screen protective film, not flash. LCD screen protective film is damage screen or protection, depends on the quality of the protective film. Quality of shenzhen Yang protective film is generally hd high pervious to light, do not contain glue ingredient, using electrostatic adsorption principle, after the poster can help you to filter out some of the glare of the screen, make the screen looks not so dazzling, delay eye fatigue, protect the eyes; And because of its containing no glue, you can be off at any time, don't leave any trace on the screen, and the screen will not cause any visual impact. So, silicone protective film is for computers and mobile phones and eyes is bad or good, in fact, cannot treat as the same, depends on the specific situation. But as is often the case, is beneficial and no cons.
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