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What are the advantages of pvc membrane structure?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-29

Global Plastics News:

membrane structure is a special modern building structure, which combines high-strength flexible film materials with tension system, the formed space structure with certain rigidity is a high-tech project integrating architecture, structural mechanics, fine chemical industry and material science, widely used in sports fitness facilities, cultural and entertainment facilities, transportation facilities, industrial and agricultural buildings and landmark buildings. Now, let Xiaobian introduce the pvc membrane structure to everyone.

pvc membrane structure has the following advantages:

1. Economy. The cost of membrane structure is only 1/3 to 1/2 of the traditional construction cost. The cost of tension structure varies greatly according to different spans and design schemes. However, compared with traditional construction methods, the price-benefit ratio is very obvious. At the same time, because the membrane material has a certain light transmittance, the lighting intensity and time can be reduced during the day, energy can be saved well, and the gorgeous landscape formed by the transmission of colored lights at night can also achieve a good advertising effect.

2. Short construction period. All the processing and production of membrane structure in the construction project are completed in the factory, which can reduce the construction time on site and avoid the occurrence of construction crossing. Compared with the traditional building method, the construction period of membrane structure building can be shortened by at least half, and the general project can be completed within two months, and the construction progress of other projects will not be affected during the construction period.

3. Large span. The membrane material used in the membrane structure building is very light, and the weight per square meter is only about 1 kg, so the membrane structure can fundamentally overcome the traditional structure in large span (No support) Difficulties encountered in the implementation of buildings, and can create an open and unobstructed visual space, effectively increasing the space use area. At present, the maximum span of membrane structure buildings has exceeded 200.

4. The unique modelling presents the changeable, novel and attractive visual effects, and its application scope is not limited to sports or exhibition buildings, it also expands to various aspects such as houses and landscape buildings. The scale of the membrane structure project can be large or small, with street sketches, waiting halls and stadiums; The service life can be long or short, which can be a temporary exhibition canopy or a long-term building with more than 30 years; Colors can be plain and flowable, and film materials can be dyed into various colors like cloth, especially the translucent performance of film materials, which makes the film buildings in the night sky show dreamy colors under the illumination of lights.

5. Self-cleaning: membrane materials with protective coatings are used in membrane structure buildings, so it has good self-cleaning effect, the natural erosion of rainwater can be used to clean the appearance of the building, and at the same time ensure the service life of the building. In addition, the membrane structure also has the advantages of convenient transportation, easy renewal and difficult snow accumulation.

The most commonly used membrane materials in membrane structure buildings are PTFE membrane materials and PVC membrane materials. PVC film material is coated with PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) The strength and fire resistance of PVC membrane materials formed by resin are somewhat different from those of PTFE, and the service life is generally 7 to 15 years. In order to solve the self-cleaning problem of PVC film materials, PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride)PVDF membrane material is formed.

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