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What are calendered products?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-03

Global Plastics News:

plastic Calendering is generally suitable for production with a thickness of 0. 05 ~ 0. 5mm soft pvc film and thickness is 0. 3 ~ 1. 00mm hard pvc sheet. When the thickness of the product is less than or greater than this range, other methods such as blow molding or extrusion are generally not used for calendering. When calendering soft plastic film, if cloth, paper or glass cloth is used as reinforcing material to pass the plastic along with the last pair of rollers of the calender, the viscous plastic film is tightly coated on the reinforcing material, and the obtained product is artificial leather or coated cloth (Paper)This method is collectively referred to as the calendering coating method. So, what are the calendered products?

different calendering products will be obtained due to different processes adopted. Even the performance of the same product will vary greatly depending on the formula, so their application will vary greatly.

In addition to films and sheets, calendered products can also produce artificial leather and interior decorations, floors, recording materials, thermoformed sheets, etc. The difference between film and sheet is mainly in thickness, which is about 0. 25mm is the dividing line, thin is the film, thick is the sheet. PVC film and sheet are hard, semi-hard and soft, depending on the amount of plasticizer contained. Contains plasticizer 0- 5 parts are hard products, and more than 25 parts are soft products.

Soft polyvinyl chloride film, as the main product of calendering molding, is widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, medical and health care, daily necessities and other aspects in the national economy.

In industry, it is mainly used for waterproof covering, automobile roof decoration, and air cushion made by reprocessing. It is used for anti-vibration packaging of valuable instruments and is widely used for anti-rust and anti-corrosion wrapping of underground oil pipelines. ; In agriculture, it is often used as a greenhouse for raising seedlings and covering vegetables (Biaxial Stretching is required) As well as the field mud bedding and reservoir liner to prevent fertilizer and soil erosion; In the defense industry, it can be used for artillery protection coverage, camouflage, anti-atomic radiation, first aid dressing, moisture-proof maps, etc; In daily life, a large number of raincoats, printed cloths, Bath covers, book envelopes, ticket holders, handbags, adhesive tapes, food blister packaging, inflatable plastic toys, etc.

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