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Weak layer of electrostatic protective film usage

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
Electrostatic membrane on the market are mainly PE electrostatic membrane, electrostatic membrane, generally USES the many kinds of materials of three layers co-extrusion or multi-layer co-extrusion synchronization and made of surface protective film, PE material as base material, one layer is EVA self-adhesive materials, the material belongs to low molecular polymer, when the surface of the protective film, gathered a large number of low molecular polymer and the low molecular polymer being put tiny pits on the surface of the product set in a piece of each other. Leading to can not coated glue and paste products together, this is the so-called electrostatic adsorption paste. Electrostatic membrane can also be called on the market since the mucous membrane, the electrostatic protective film without coating glue, safe environmental protection, easy to glue stick, electrostatic adsorption, electrostatic adsorption to paste the protective film is the developing direction of the protective film in the future. Electrostatic protective film has the following characteristics: 1) Electrostatic membrane itself does not contain any chemical solvent, in the high level 1000 clean dust-free workshop production, both in the process of production and in the later use process, will not produce toxic or harmful substances. 2) Good good electrostatic membrane surface adsorption, moisture and tear falls without glue that does not affect the product and beautiful. 3) Easy to stick easy tear, good temperature resistance, yellow glue, easy to operate and lighter, safe environmental protection. 4) Electrostatic membrane, smooth surface, good diaphaneity, dust-free, uniform thickness of five) Good wet resistance, weather resistance, high resistance to high temperature of 120 degrees, can be used in high temperature environment. Surface electrostatic protective film is widely used in hardware product, computer panels, TV frame, plastic products, photoelectric electronics, electronic instrumentation, acrylic, PC board and other products.
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