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Waterproof tarpaulins _ production technology industry trends

by:LINYANG     2020-03-22
There are two kinds of production technology of waterproof tarpaulins, one is horizontal machine mechanical production, is the kind of heavy big columns, and then put the tarpaulin material that out on pyrrha, pressed by pressing of heavy big at the bottom of the cylinder, and draw the dryer to dry, then trimming, circle, packaging. Is a kind of vertical machine mechanical production, pull the cloth straight into the material box, tarpaulin on gluten type of material is PVC materials of high purity, then both sides have been straightening machine with knife, knife scraping a dryer after drying, trimming, circle, packaging. Electro dryer has two kinds, one kind is that a boiler. Horizontal machine in the production of PVC plastic coated tarpaulin than vertical machine in the production of PVC plastic coated tarpaulin cheaper, because the horizontal machine in the production of raw materials required in the production raw material is lower than the vertical machine, horizontal machine production can be what kind of rubber can be put up and down, but can't vertical machine production, high demand for raw materials, must from there is a certain purity of raw materials. Often vertical machine in the production of PVC tarpaulin to slightly expensive, tarpaulin product purity is high.
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