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Waste greenhouse film recycling profit is considerable

by:LINYANG     2020-01-28


recently, the reporter saw a layer of translucent plastic film under the thick felt of crops in Yuejin village, tangzhang town, Tongshan district, Xuzhou city. It is reported that these abandoned films can cover four Taihu lakes in one year. However, due to the considerable profit of recycling waste greenhouse film, farmers will not easily discard it.

tangzhang town is located at the junction of the four provinces of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui, with farmland facilities. 50 thousand mu is famous in Xuzhou and even the whole province. Hometown of vegetables'. The vegetable greenhouse is connected to the shed, and the film is connected to the film. From a distance, it looks like'White Ocean'.

statistics show that Jiangsu's facility agriculture area reached 10. 5 million mu in 2013, ranking first in the country. Among them, most of the facility agriculture, greenhouses and plastic films are'Iconic'Element.

' The greenhouses here are all two layers of film. In the cold weather, some have to cover three layers. ' Chen Xiaokun told reporters that the greenhouse film is divided into 1 film, 2 film or even 3 film from the inside to the outside. 1 film must be replaced every year. If there is no obvious damage, after elimination, it can be used as 2 or 3 films for another two years.

Speaking of the greenhouse film changed every year, Wang Lei, an agricultural material dealer in tangzhang town, calculated the account: based on the film on an acre of land, the expanded area is about 1000 m² square meters, if you put the 3. The film of the 50 thousand mu vegetable greenhouse is spread out, and there are 40 square kilometers. If you count the two layers of film, you can cover the town with a radius of more than 80 square kilometers. According to this calculation, the province consumes about 10605 square kilometers of greenhouse film every year, which is equivalent to the size of 1. 5 million football fields and can cover 4 Taihu lakes!

Where is the discarded film?

sigh with emotion'Greenhouse scenery' At the same time, the reporter is inevitably curious: where have the used films gone? More is worried that so many plastic films will not cause large areas. 'White pollution'?

'Throw? A three-and-a-half-acre solar greenhouse, the abandoned plastic film can be sold for more than 700 yuan, you are willing to throw! ' Wang Lei said that the greenhouse film of an acre of land weighs about 72 kilograms. After the elimination, it is sold to the recycling station. Farmers can earn a few dollars per kilogram.

just in Tianhe village, less than two kilometers away from Chen Xiaokun's greenhouse, the reporter found an agricultural film recycling station. Pushing the door and going in, I saw that the small courtyard covering an area of 2 acres was filled with a half-height greenhouse film. Kang Jide, a farmer in the village, is driving an agricultural three-wheeled car to sell a discarded greenhouse film. ' This car has more than 100 kilograms and finally sold 480 yuan. ' Kang Jide said that the 5-acre greenhouse in the home can sell three or four car films after the year, and never throw it away.

The owner of the recycle bin is Zhang Zhonghe. He said that the price per kilogram of abandoned greenhouse film is from 3. 5%. 7/to 4. 6 yuan, local alone, can charge about 300 tons a year. ' The sales are mainly sent to processing plants in Anhui, Shandong and other places, which can be made into about 200 tons of plastic particles, and then processed into dozens of agricultural materials such as plastic film and plastic bowl. ' In this recycle bin, the reporter saw samples of these plastic particles: Rice size, black.

Cai Jinling, chairman of Nanjing Runguo agricultural company, who has long operated the docking of agriculture and supermarkets and built a 10,000-mu vegetable base in Suining, said, these films are added with a variety of chemical impurities such as fog and droplets, which cannot be degraded, and recycling is the main way out. What is worrying is that the plastic particles recycled for the first time can generally be used as mulch film, and the second recycling can also be used as plastic barrels, but in the end, the way out of these waste plastics is still a problem.

The reporter learned that compared with the recyclable greenhouse film, the plastic film covering the surface of the land for increasing temperature and fertilizer, saving water and preventing grass is even more rural. 'White garbage'A big culprit. The thickness of plastic film is generally 0. 006mm, only one tenth of the thickness of the greenhouse film, its aging is fast, easy to break, manual pick-up and cleaning is very difficult, and the weight is light, the use value is low, and the recycle bin is not willing to collect.

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