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Warmly congratulate MCA Shenzhen branch on its official launch & China auto satellite TV under MCA International media group officially launched

by:LINYANG     2020-02-20
August 25, 2015 is a great day for both happiness and happiness. MCA Shenzhen branch was officially launched in Shenzhen Guangming New District Convention and Exhibition Center, and Yang Xie was elected president of MCA Shenzhen Branch! MCA International Media Group's China auto satellite TV Officially Launched! ■ 【Capital miracle classmate Federation (MCA)Shenzhen Branch] Flag-raising ceremony: Unveiling Ceremony: president of MCA Shenzhen branch, Yan Yang technology Xie Zong delivered a speech: 'willing to build a warm home and a golden bridge for MCA global students and members in Shenzhen. 'The day before the opening ceremony, a number of MCA members came to Yan Yang company in advance to give enthusiastic guidance and work hard for the establishment of Shenzhen Branch! The MCA member company Tianyu tea also presented a special MCA branch launching ceremony to commemorate the black tea cake. Xie Zong delivered a speech at the celebration dinner and thanked all the guests for their strong support! Xia Zong, vice-president of the Shenzhen branch, wrote an inscription: gathering elites, vanity, scientific innovation and technical pressure on Qunfang. I wish the Shenzhen branch will gather talents in the future and its career will be even more prosperous! The beautiful girls who have been busy all day in the venue! Great! ■ 【 MCA International Media Group's China auto satellite TV] MCA President Chen Bo delivered a speech: 'MCATV is not easy to develop, but it is in line with the future development direction. Based in Shenzhen, looking at the whole country and facing the world. Mr. Zhang Qiang, chairman of the board of directors of MCATV speech Mr. Liu Yongliang, president of MCATV, Mr. Xie Zong and Zhang Dong cordially take a photo. 'MCA International Media Group has opened three channels: China auto satellite TV, China Chaosheng satellite TV and Thai Chinese channel, however, China Auto satellite TV is the first TV station in the world that takes cars as a special topic. It makes full use of the new media thinking of mobile Internet and designs a unique TV business model. ',【 Warmly congratulate MCA International media group China auto channel on its official launch! ]​
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