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[Wallpaper maintenance] PVC adhesive wallpaper maintenance should not use warm water

by:LINYANG     2020-02-11

In recent years, wallpaper has been used more and more in home decoration, but many consumers show it and wallpaper is difficult to maintain.

Many people don't know much about wallpaper, and they all misunderstand the laying of wallpaper. In fact, the laying of wallpaper has very low requirements on humidity and temperature, as long as the room temperature is guaranteed to be above 5℃, the laid 1-Close the window for 2 days and dry in the shade. Professionals said that as long as you choose the right wallpaper, pay attention to scientific and reasonable construction and post-maintenance, the life of the wallpaper can be maintained for more than 10 years, and houses in humid places can be covered with beautiful wallpaper.

1. There are tips for wallpaper maintenance. It is very convenient to distinguish materials

According to the different materials of wallpaper and wallpaper, their maintenance methods are also different. Here are some key points for wallpaper maintenance made of different materials. Wallpaper maintenance needs to be treated in combination with product materials, which are generally divided into the following categories: PVC adhesive wallpaper, pure paper-based products, pure non-woven products and pure natural material products.

1. Maintenance of various PVC adhesive wallpaper

general high-quality PVC adhesive wallpaper materials, non-toxic plasticizer, formaldehyde-free radiation, flame retardant, wear-resistant and chemical corrosion resistant. When cleaning PCV rubber surface, clean it with clear water or colorless dry and wet towel. If there are obvious stains that cannot be removed, use neutral cleaning method to dilute and wipe.

when the temperature is low, PVC wallpaper can be washed with some warm water. Heat will decompose and remove stains on PVC surface faster. When the temperature is high, because the PVC molecules on the surface are more active, if the water is too much or the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the water to penetrate into the bottom layer of the wallpaper, so it is not appropriate to use warm water.

2. Pure paper-based products

natural material wallpapers include pure paper wallpapers and straw wallpapers. Pure paper wallpaper is not easy to become warped, blistered, odorless, environmentally friendly and breathable; Straw wallpaper is non-toxic, tasteless, sound-absorbing, moisture-proof, cool and ventilated. The colors of natural materials are mostly dyed by dyeing vat, so the color retention of wallpaper is not high, and the wallpaper will obviously fade when cleaned with water. It is recommended to clean the wallpaper with dry towel or feather duster.

4. Non-woven fabric

also known as non-woven fabric is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light in weight, non-combustion-supporting, easy to decompose, non-toxic, non-irritating and rich in color. , low price, recyclable and other characteristics. It is called cloth because of its appearance and certain properties. Clean non-woven cloth use feather duster to remove dust, then use dry wet towel to maintain and clean by pasting. In the process of using wallpaper, the surface should be protected from dirt as much as possible. If the wallpaper surface is stained with dust, use a vacuum cleaner to suck it away or use a feather duster to clean the wallpaper surface.

2. Be careful when cleaning wallpaper. Choose the other side to help prevent moisture

There are many ways to clean wallpaper, however, the correct cleaning method must be selected according to the situation of the wallpaper, otherwise the wallpaper will be damaged and affect the appearance and moisture-proof ability of the wallpaper.

1. SUrface Dust treatment

2. Ordinary stain cleaning

If the wallpaper is accidentally stained with stains, A soft rag can be used, stained with water, and then screwed until it does not drip. Gently wiping the surface can effectively deal with common substances.

3. Cleaning of colored pen stains

if there are colored pen stains on wallpaper accidentally, especially friends with children in their homes. You can choose to use rubber, soapy water, etc. to remove stains.

Generally, use a rubber to gently wipe the surface with a pencil stain; If it is a watercolor pen stain, wipe it with soapy water, then wipe it with a soft dry cloth; If it is a crayon stain, gently wipe it with a sponge; Ballpoint pen stains need to be cleaned with a semi-wet towel.

4. Cleaning of oil stains

for some stubborn oil stains, soup stains, etc. , the detergent can be diluted into a mixture of low concentration, the ratio of general detergent to water is 1:3. Then dip a little with a soft rag and wring it dry.

3. Wallpaper is moisture-proof and skillful. Emergency treatment is very important

The causes of various damages to wallpaper in daily life, you can find out the main points of wallpaper maintenance and the methods to solve the damage from the reasons.

1. The treatment of the warped wallpaper

The warped wallpaper is generally due to the phenomenon of thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by the changes of weather temperature and humidity, generally, you only need to use a professional wallpaper to paste it, and use a flat object, such as a book, such as a table tennis racket.

2. Treatment of wallpaper foaming

If the wallpaper in the home has foaming phenomenon, it is generally due to uneven glue coating when the wall is partially pasted, caused by foaming due to lack of glue. You can use a sewing needle to tie a small hole in the foaming position on the surface of the wallpaper to release the gas, take a proper amount of adhesive and put it into the eye of the needle, and finally use a flat book to flatten and dry.

3. The treatment of wallpaper mildew

due to'Back to the South' The indoor air vapor is too much, and the indoor ventilation is not good, the mold will breed on the wallpaper. To deal with the mildew of wallpaper, wipe the wall surface with a dry cloth first, then add 4 paper cups of water to the 84 disinfectant half bottle cap, or use a diluted professional wallpaper cleaner to mix evenly, used to wipe the wall with mildew.

In addition, wallpaper can also be treated by spraying. Add the diluted disinfectant or detergent to the sprayer, spray the moldy part of the wall, and then dry it with a dry cloth.

4. Treatment of wallpaper breakage

wallpaper breakage is a common thing, usually due to scratches by hard objects or accidental bruises when moving. At this time, a small area of damage can be repaired with glue; If the area is large, it is generally recommended to re-lay.

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