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Vinyl chloride-Vinyl acid resin has good printing application

by:LINYANG     2020-01-22


vinyl chloride- Vinyl acid resin can be applied in the fields of ink and flexible packaging. Vinyl chloride from Dow Chemical Company of the United States- Vinyl acid resin has good adhesion on the printing film and can maintain the original printing color after sterilization, which is highly recognized by the industry. In the ink and packaging industry, manufacturers have been committed to improving product quality and performance, and strive to provide customers with high-quality printing and packaging solutions to meet customer needs. Experts from the China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that new technologies and new raw materials are constantly being developed to meet the needs of printers and end users.

This kind of products of Dow chemistry have mature technologies with many advantages. However, while looking for new technologies, they cannot ignore the great potential of mature technologies, its products can meet the current and improve the current and future packaging application requirements. Experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association stressed that vinyl chloride produced by Dow Chemical- Vinyl acetate resin is taken as an example: the resin has been safely applied to packaging food in direct contact for decades, it is mainly used for aluminum foil cover coating on yogurt boxes, drug blister packaging, cooking packaging bags and aluminum foil paper heat sealing adhesive; It is also used in soft packaging film, vinyl sheet and printing ink on vinyl floor; Other uses are used as varnishes on synthetic leather and metallized films. The prepared vinyl ink can be concave, silk screen, ink jet printing, thermal transfer printing and other methods.

'Dow Chemical vinyl chloride- Vinyl acetate resin products are mature in technology, widely used and have many recognized advantages' Mr. Wells Carter of Dow Chemical technology service and development group said: to give only one example, because it has good heat resistance and water resistance, it can be used as'Can be steamed'The use of, thus greatly improving the efficiency. Vinyl chloride- Vinyl acetate resin has excellent low pollution. According to experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association, these resins are of high purity and do not contain monomers, additives or surfactants with low molecular weight, therefore, it will not be transferred to the product, nor will it affect the taste or smell. At the same time, it has good fast solubility, clear solution, no turbidity, extremely high purity and no additives.

at present, the main manufacturers of flexible packaging adopt high quality polyvinyl chloride-Vinyl acetate resin. Customers are increasingly demanding better packaging methods and superior quality. This is why Goglio, the main manufacturer of flexible packaging, uses ucar vagd vinyl chloride- Vinyl acetate resin is used to produce Rotary gravure printing ink for plastic packaging. Dr. Osvaldo Bosetti, the company's research and development manager, explained: Dow's vinyl chloride- Vinyl acetate resin is the resin that can best meet our needs in the market. The resin can maintain good adhesion with the printed film, and the original ink color can be maintained after sterilization in water or steam. Experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association said that Goglio is a leading packaging company in the industry, providing various types of packaging products and solutions in food, in order to meet the needs of food manufacturers in food preservation, storage and sales.

only Dow can provide vinyl chloride like ucar vagd and VAGH- Vinyl acetate resin products: These transparent resins have good toughness, good adhesion to various substrates, and can be used in packaging in direct contact with food. Moreover, each resin has been certified by FDA and has passed the EU's regulations on resin in direct contact with food. This is especially important given that people are more concerned than before that the final product must meet the corresponding food contact regulations. Ucar vagd and VAGH these vinyl chloride- Vinyl acetate resin also has the following advantages: long-lasting flexibility, tasteless, odorless, good thermal sealing, low moisture permeability, it has the characteristics of resistance to natural oil, food, water, colorant, detergent, diluted alkali, mineral acid and alcohol, and is also resistant to corrosion, abrasion and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Today's ink and packaging applications require resins with the above major advantages, while UCAR vinyl chloride-Vinyl acetate resin is your choice.

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