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Variation And Superiority of Membrane Structure

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

As a kind of tent-shaped structure that is characterized by its flexibility, membrane structure has been frequently appearing in the city square, large park and many street spots since the beginning of 21st century, immediately attracting much attention from the public with its richness in shapes and flowing curves.

Combining the thin-film material of high-intensity flexibility and stretched system and forming a structure of a certain degree of rigidity, membrane structure is a high-tech engineering plastics which integrates architecture, structural mechanics, fine chemical engineering and material science. It is widely used in those facilities of many fields such as sports and fitness, culture and entertainment and traffic and transportation, and the buildings of agriculture and industry and some landmarks.

Such membrane materials as PTFE and PVC are mostly used in the production of membrane structures. Ptfe film refers to a kind of composite material that is produced by applying Teflon resin onto the base cloth weaved with hairline fiberglass and is characterized by its high strength, well durability, fire and inflaming proof, long service life, high light-admitting quality and less heat-absorption endowed by its 73% of solar reflectivity. Membrane material of PVC is another kind of composite material that is made by applying PVC resin onto the base cloth of polyester fiber. The membrane of PVC, whose service life is usually between 7 to 15 years, is inferior to that of Ptfe film on the intensity and fire-proof capacity.

In addition to some traditional requirements in functions, membrane structures possess the following salient advantages:

1. Economy. The cost of membrane structure is one third to a half of that of traditional structure. As the membrane structure is of the capacity in light transmission, the intensity and time of illumination will be largely reduced in daytime to save much energy, and there will be splendid scenery that is formed by transmission in night, which is a fine advertisement.

2. Short construction period. Compared with those traditional architectures, the construction project of membrane structures can at least shorten the construction period to half, and complete in two months while not affecting other projects in progress at the same period.

3. Large span. The membrane material used in membrane structures is light enough to overcome the difficulties that the traditional structures encounter in large-span (without support) architectures. In addition, the widely visual space without any barrier that the membrane material creates well displays the effectively added space in usage.

4. It possesses the unique appearance, and represents the attractive visual effects of variously changeable aspects. Now its application has been spread from the architectures of gym and exhibition to those of houses and scenery and many other PTFE rod.

5. Self-cleanness: since the membrane material of protective coating is applied in the membrane structures, it is no wonder that they are can be washed by the rainfall falling onto the surface of architecture, whose service life is ensured in the same way.

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