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Vacuum blister film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-16


Close the pvc film to the glue-sprayed medium density fiberboard in the process of heating and softening, and use vacuum to drain the air between the pvc film and the glue film of medium density fiberboard, according to atmospheric pressure, PVC film is tightly pasted on medium density fiberboard. This process is called vacuum blister film.

vacuum blister film sticking technology is widely used in the manufacture of computer desks, Speaker boards, cabinets, doors and furniture, and is widely used in the processing and manufacture of automotive interior trim parts. The biggest feature of this process is that there is no need to spray paint or paint, it is a paint-free process. In addition, it can also cover concave-convex grooves, curved edges and hollow carvings, which cannot be compared with other processes. The adhesive used for vacuum blister film is vacuum blister plastic, which is mainly water-based polyurethane adhesive and mixed with other resins. In principle, Hot Melt Adhesive and solvent-based adhesive can also be selected, but water-based adhesive is nontoxic, odorless, moderately priced and suitable for mechanized operation. Vacuum blister processing has developed rapidly. 45% of medium density fiberboard in Japan uses vacuum blister coating; China's PVC composite processed medium density fiberboard has reached 30 million And it is growing at a rate of more than 8% every year.

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