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Useful Tips For Choosing Baby Inflatable Toys

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

Inflatable toys are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) films by high-frequency welded, after inflation showing a variety of shapes. The majority styles are animals, and other water toys like toy swimming ring. The using objects of Inflatable toys are mainly infants and young children. When the child was born two months later, you can pick some colorful inflatable balls, hanging in the bed in order to exercise the child's vision. In addition, also choose a number of exaggerated animal toys for kids to touch and play. Only when children grow up to one year, can you choose some sort of water inflatable toys. The following are some tips for choosing inflatable toys.

First, Modeling choices: choosing inflatable toys is first to meet the child's interest in shape. For infants less than 12 months, mainly choose toys of bright colors, large size and smooth shape, such as colored ball, ducks, goldfish, etc. The selection of these animals should pay special attention to the color of their eyes and funny. When a child is 1 year later, you should pick some realistic animal shapes, and even animals terrifying, to cultivate children's spirit of courage. In the selection of inflatable water toys, in addition to swimming circle, also select some water animals such as ducks, swans, goldfish etc.

Second, Seal check: the key to quality of inflatable toys is the sealing performance. First of all, lay out the uninflated toy to observe whether the prints are clear and beautiful, whether the chromatography of the main parts is accurate, surface has no other stains or yellowing. Welding seams between each film shall be uniform, evenly melted without wrinkling and swelling on the skin has occurred.

Third, check whether it can be filled with air. When charge pump into the air or by other means, the toy should be showing a full shape, and be able to stand steady on the desktop instead of rickety. Some toys may focus on center of gravity, after adjustment, tilt should be not obvious. Surface of inflated toys should be smooth and no obvious depression and wrinkles. Gently press toys with hand, and the gas nozzle on the ear, should not hear the leak sound. Inflatable toys remain standing 5 minutes to observe whether there is the apparent deformation or standing firm. When the above checks are normal, you can pull the gas nozzle plugs, put the toy natural gas, if not pressing with hand, its internal air should be able to maintain a part, rather than a sudden total discharge.

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