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Used for mobile phone lens double high viscosity PET protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-09
With the accelerated development of information age, digital product update speed is very fast, all kinds of digital products processing and assembly factories are trying to improve technology, reduce costs and increase profits. Are repeatedly used in mobile phones processing, the assembly of the PET protective film has become an important material in the electronics industry, to reduce the product cost, it is critical that manufacturers have to find a protection film, which has price advantage and quality assurance. Nearly period of time, the early to Yang technology co. , LTD. To find the double processed PET protective film of the mobile phone manufacturers more and more, for mobile phone inside the lens of permanent use double stick protective film, high is not all manufacturers or traders have a supply of goods, and in lam Yang technology co. , LTD. , three factories, there is a perfect substitute, high viscosity, high spinning T6L5 double PET protective film, as long as the price of 4. 5 a square, welcome the masses of manufacturers and suppliers to come to consult and order.
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