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Use of PVC transparent film in plastic film

by:LINYANG     2020-06-25
??????Transparent film is currently used in many places, and many times, this kind of film with good transparency is actually a kind of plastic film, of which pvc transparent film is the main form of transparent film. As a plastic film, it naturally has some of its uniqueness, and transparency is one of its biggest features. It can be said that the film with transparency can be used in many places in general. Including the transparent film between the cover of the skin care product and the bottle, the transparent protective film of the car, the transparent film used in daily life, etc. Among these forms of film, there is more or less the 'shadow' of PVC film in it, which shows that this material is not general. ?????As a plastic product, the PVC transparent film currently produced has many characteristics. In addition to its transparency, it has a certain viscosity, which does not need to be added with other additives. Can make use of more. This is also the main reason why this material can be used as a household cling film.
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