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Use different material protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-21
Protective coatings of different material in the market now more and more, because of their respective characteristics played an important role in different fields, one chuan film is for everybody to introduce below the protective film of the classification of different materials and their respective purposes: now is widely used in the market of protective film with different material: PE protective film, PET protective film, PVC protective film, OPP protective film, PP protective film, OCA protective film and other protective film. OPP is used to compare with PP coating better material, with is a bit more high-grade, OPP material protective film look from the exterior is close to the PET protective film, its hardness is bigger, have certain flame retardant, used for the high products such as mobile phone. PVC protective film used more movie screen and some other electronic products. PE protective film is commonly used to compare good things, such as electronic products, such as the IPD and so on something a bit more high-grade, because this is also more expensive. Are made of PE protective film to protect. PET protective film this protective film is mainly used with a little than electronic products at the end of the place, now with a person is also pretty much. OCA protective film is mainly used for the screen protection film, the luminosity and hardness is better than other materials, such as IP4S above these products now.
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