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Ultra-thin plastic bags are rampant in the vegetable market

by:LINYANG     2020-01-11

Four years ago'Plastic Limit Order' Let's start a life of extra charges for plastic bags. Four years have passed. 'Plastic Limit Order'What is the effect of the execution? A few days ago, the reporter visited some consumer markets in Lu 'an city.

'Plastic Limit Order'Clearly stipulate:' From June 1, 2008, it is forbidden to produce, sell and use nationwide. The thickness is less than 0. 025mm plastic shopping bags'' Since June 1, 2008, the system of paid use of plastic shopping bags has been implemented in all supermarkets, shopping malls, bazaars and other retail outlets, and plastic shopping bags are not allowed to be provided free of charge'. However, so far, the implementation of large shopping malls such as supermarkets has been better, and ultra-thin plastic bags can still be seen in small transactions in farmers' markets and ordinary small shops and stalls.

The Reporter first visited large shopping places such as supermarkets and shopping malls, and learned that environmentally friendly plastic bags have been covered in Lu 'an city. 'Plastic Limit Order' After the introduction, the plastic bags began to charge, and each received 0. 1--0. 4 yuan. According to a supermarket staff, these plastic bags are made in some specialized manufacturers, printed with trademarks of supermarkets and shopping malls, as well as environmental protection signs and statements, such as triangle recycling logo, QS logo,' In order to avoid and prevent suffocation and other dangers, please stay away from infants and young children'Wait for the prompt. Customers who shop in supermarkets and shopping malls also generally understand and say' These plastic bags are better than the previous ultra-thin bags. They are thicker and stronger. They can be reused. If they are carefully calculated, they are not a loss'.

However, in vegetable markets, roadside stalls and ordinary small shops, ultra-thin plastic bags are still in use and do not need to be paid separately, therefore, consumers, sellers and ultra-thin bag producers can still build a large enough market.

The plastic bags in the vegetable market are colorful, although due to'Plastic Limit Order' And the media, there are already people who buy food to pick up reusable bags to pack vegetables, but the various dishes are still placed in small plastic bags, and then put together into a large cloth bag, in fact, it only reduces the use of large plastic bags, and the use of small plastic bags has not decreased much. And most of the dishes are with water, and no one wants to go back with a wet bag. The plastic bag charge in the vegetable market is still empty talk. The stall owner who sells vegetables said that he will not accept the money of this plastic bag, and the vegetable market is no better than the supermarket. There is not much change to find, extra plastic bag money is also a test of change. ' We have to buy several dishes a day. If plastic bags are used in environmental protection bags and there is still a charge, then I have to spend a few more cents or even one or two dollars a day, which is still a little distressed. 'An old aunt who buys food said.

although there is'Plastic Limit Order' , Supermarket plastic bags also need to collect money, but other places are still free ultra-thin bags popular. The reporter believes that this is a regulatory issue and a customary issue, and the latter may be more. If there is not enough control determination and pressure, before the cost of environmentally friendly plastic bags does not fall to the extent that consumers do not have to pay extra for shopping, ultra-thin plastic bags can still occupy part of the market, however, this part of the market will become smaller and smaller.

now that the problem of ultra-thin plastic bags is difficult to solve quickly, we should first prevent toxic plastic bags from mixing into the food market to ensure safe use. Then it is to strengthen the recycling of ultra-thin plastic bags, not dumping and burning.

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