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Ubiquitous protective film

by:LINYANG     2019-12-23
As an ordinary packaging material, protective film is ubiquitous in our life, because there are countless kinds of protective film products, and its use objects involve all walks of life, for today's people, there is no protective film, which brings great inconvenience to industrial production, storage and transportation, and people's lives. Many products can be found around people to use protective films. The manufacturer, a Sichuan film, such as boxed products, will basically be coated with a layer of film on the packaging box, this kind of film generally uses PVC Heat Shrinkable film, which tightly wraps the packing box with good heat sealing property. Specifically, for example, for fast food, the prototype of the packaging bag outside is also a protective film product, which is a colorful packaging bag processed and printed by the protective film; For example, the packaging bags used for bulk meat, biscuits and other products are made of PE protective films used most in the film industry; There are also shopping bags used to hold things, which are also Surface products. In addition, glass, steel, electronic products, automobiles, digital products and other industries will not lose the protective film, used as surface protection, can effectively prevent dust from falling, keep the protected content clean and avoid loss, abrasion, etc. during transportation. No matter what industry or any field, the protective film will play an important role. As long as a new product is produced, the protective film will provide good surface protection for it like a patron saint, and help it transport to other areas.

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