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Types of base fabrics used in plastic tarpaulins

by:LINYANG     2023-01-27
When we buy plastic tarpaulins, we will carefully select them to check whether there is any quality problem, and some products are made of different base fabrics, which can be purchased according to needs. One is a biaxial warp knitted base fabric, which consists of warp and weft filaments on one layer, and warp knitting method is used to knit the warp and weft threads together in another way of binding. The characteristics of this base fabric are: high speed, thin base fabric, and higher tensile and tear strength. The other is woven base fabric, which is a relatively traditional process. It is made of warp and weft interwoven up and down. Different warp and weft weave into different base fabrics. Of course, the quality is also different. Its tensile strength and tear resistance , The strength of crack resistance is determined by warp and weft. In addition, we also need to note that density is also a key factor in determining the quality of plastic tarpaulins. The denser the latitude and longitude on the surface, the better the quality of the tarpaulin. The quality of the tarpaulin and its processing material can be judged according to the roughness of the surface of the tarpaulin.
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