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Truck tarpaulin for waterproof, mouldproof, plug resistance, ageing resistance _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-23
We usually say car materals mainly truck tarpaulin, its purpose is to prevent rain in the process of cargo transportation will get wet goods, especially plastic coated waterproof cloth. This product has the waterproof, mouldproof, cold resistant, aging resistant, antistatic etc; And plastic coated tarpaulin breaking strength, elongation and tear strength significantly better than traditional tent; Plays a role of non-slip surface for special treatment, it is general waterproof canvas, can be customized according to customer's width, and heavy width, when processing the finished product can reduce flat-fell seam to improve the quality, heat sealing splicing are available, and was relieved from the sewing is leaking. And can be customized according to user needs different functions, different color, different thickness of the product. Military silicon cloth and organic silicon bout: light, soft, good air permeability, not sticky, wear-resisting, waterproof. Mainly used in the open yard, tents, canvas products such as car tarpaulin. Tarpaulins usually coarse tarpaulins and fine tarpaulins two kinds. Coarse tarpaulins is also called the tent cover, fabric fast folding, has a good waterproof performance, used in automobile transportation and open-air warehouse tent cover and the wild. Fine tarpaulin used to make yarn, labor protection clothing and supplies. After dyeing, also can be used for shoes, travel bag, backpack, etc. In addition, there are rubber tarpaulins, fire prevention, prevent radiation shielding tarpaulin, tarpaulins for the paper machine. We ShangHeng tent factory production of tarpaulin, http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/quality is good, price is qualified, is well received by the users at home and abroad, if you need, please contact us Zhao Zong. Telephone: 13754728822
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