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Transparent PVC film should not be used to wrap greasy food or microwave heating

by:LINYANG     2020-01-11


It is reported that relevant agencies have jointly conducted three investigations on the use of plastic wrap in supermarkets containing grease in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other regions. The third survey found that all 10 supermarkets surveyed in Beijing have used PE plastic wrap to wrap greasy food, only three Carrefour Xinli city store, Century Lianhua Yuqiao store and Shenzhen Jiahua supermarket Longhua branch in Shanghai use transparent PVC film to package grease food.

The reporter learned from the press conference of the China Food Packaging Forum held in Beijing that transparent pvc plastic wrap cannot be used to wrap food containing grease or microwave heating.

Transparent PVC film should not be used to wrap greasy food or microwave heating

In this forum, the International Food Packaging Association and Beijing Kaifa environmental protection technology consulting center jointly issued the 2012 China food packaging consumption warning. They are: inferior napkins contain fluorescence, and carry handkerchiefs to protect health; Disinfection wipes are not'Disinfection'; 'Explosion barrel'Safety is suspicious, fluorescence whitening can cause cancer; PC bottles are banned, parents should see clearly; Don't worry about a small amount of plasticizer intake. Drinking less beverages to accelerate metabolism is the key; The plastic limit is mixed for 3 years, and the garbage bags are flooded; Disposable foam lunch box was banned for 11 years, more than 100 enterprises'Legal production'Why; There is no hidden danger in the scientific use of melamine tableware, and food containing urea-formaldehyde storage tray should be carefully packed; Transparent PVC plastic wrap, greasy food and microwave heating can hide; Colored straws are fashionable and often unhealthy; There are many knowledge about stainless steel tableware, and there are many problems in salt, sauce and vinegar; The plasticizer of the moon cake holder exceeds the standard by 800 times, and the illegal addition of testing and supervision is a problem; There are many problems in drinking bottled water and beverages, and it is healthier to drink boiled water with your own cup.

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