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Transparent PET covered in sichuan

by:LINYANG     2020-03-05
Characteristics of transparent PET insulation transparent PET thermoplastic environmental protection plastic products, after burning the odourless tasteless, does not produce poisonous gas, transparent, surface water ripple, crystal point, one like white, grease and toughness, and strong resistance, chemical resistance, good resistance to impact strength, Low temperature impact resistance strength is also good, is about 20% higher than PVC standard) 。 Used for blister, folding boxes, packaging, printing, CARDS, etc. Transparent PET insulation piece USES transparent PET used in electronics, printing, packaging, insulation, soft lines, a display screen saver PET, membrane switch, membrane Windows, printing film, puzzle film base, stickers bottom paper, glue, silicon coating, belt, instrument panel, cable capacitance motor gasket, insulation stripping, furniture, window film, protective film inkjet printing and decoration, etc. A plain film co. , LTD. , to provide quality and cheap transparent PET film, can be used for printing, membrane switch, CARDS, decoration and other industries, welcome new and old customers to come to consult and order. Tel: 0755 - 27190447 13502849449 miss li
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