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To Reproduce The Classic Moment

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

The classic movie sinks deep into the hearts of the people. Do you remember the breathtaking scene that the ship is broken into two, and the hull is sinking in the icy water aslant? Jack, Rose and other passengers are sliding from the ship. Would you want to experience the breathtaking moment just like Jack and Rose? Come and understand this inflatable slide toys. It can bring you to the scene of the accident again, let you join in the story between Jack and Rose.

The inflatable slide is designed as the Titanic. But this one is safe enough. The inflatable slide toy is full of air. So you won't get hurt by the hard things from the ship. It is 11 meters length, 6 meters wide and 6meters height. Although it is not as huge as the real Titanic, it is big enough for the adults to have fun.

There are two slides, which are designed as the board of Titanic. The slope is a little precipitous, so that it can show the breathtaking moment like the movie to the players. At the end of the slide, there is a long soft cushion. It looks like the icy sea. However, the cushion doesn't feel icy. Instead, it is soft and comfortable. It can reduce the impact from the players. Oh, there is also some spray beside the ship. It looks really like the sinking Titanic.

The idea of the inflatable slide toys comes from the Titanic. However, you should not worry about the quality or safety of this product. The inflatable slide toys are made of 0.55mm PVC. We choose the right one to make up our products. This kind of PVC is of good quality. It is of high tear strength and puncture-resistant. What's more, we also do reinforce to the cushion, fixed D-ring and the edges to make sure the product is of high durability. We guarantee the quality by choosing the good material and designing the details of the structure.

Another question people concern most about is the safety of the inflatable slide toys. Mildew, bacteria or parasites may cause damage on inflatable equipment. It is also harm to people's health. However the tarpaulin is of anti-mildew treatment. It can prevent the spread of diseases. Further more, this tarpaulin is of no offensive odor. Other cheep tarpaulin may emit the offensive odor which is harm to people's health. But we only choose the tarpaulin which is of good quality and harmless to people. We do reinforce the cushion between the wall and the base. It is not only ensure the quality of the inflatable slide toys, but also to make sure that the players are safe when they are sliding.

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