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by:LINYANG     2019-10-24
To find out the difference between tarpaulin and tarpaulin, tarpaulin is used for shed, including cloth, plastic and so on. Such as caravans, awning boats, tents, etc. Canopy péng 1. The things that cover the wind and rain and the sun are made of bamboo rafts, mats, cloth, etc :~ Son. ~ Cloth. Car ~. Account ~. 2. Specifically refers to the sail: From the above, it can be seen that Peng is a modified word to form a partial word. The meaning of Peng is generally related to the appearance of this herb. The awning is a modified word that constitutes a partial word. The awning is a kind of woven fabric, cloth or shed. Therefore, the tarpaulin is correct, and the tarpaulin is miswritten or said to be a fake word, which means the same as the tarpaulin. Peng péng 1. Perennial herbs, white flowers, central yellow, leaves like willow leaves, solid hair (Also known as 'Fei Peng '):~ Door. ~ Heart ( The heart of 'Peng' is narrow and bent, which means that the mind of Mao is unreasonable. Humble words, used to show your knowledge, stupid). ~ Household registration. ~ Raw hemp ( Yu in a good growth environment, naturally will be well affected). ~ Yin Shenghui (It makes your own glory. Humble words, used to thank others for the gift of paintings and other items or the visit of guests). 2. Scattered :~ Chaos. ~ Loose. ~ Head and face. 3. Flourishing, vigorous :~ Bo.
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