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Tint after maintenance method

by:LINYANG     2020-03-09
How to maintain after tint? 1, the construction don't touch the swab, diaphragm, within one week after the stay Gu reoccupy soft goods and gentle scrubbing cleaning fluid membrane surface. 2, do not use corrosive chemicals place building membrane window, in order to avoid volatile corrosion membrane surface, or reaction of metal ions and membrane. 3, follow the normal operating temperature of film to give full play to function long-term effective. 4, often clean the membrane surface, and prevent long-term stained with dust, corrosion film and effect the beauty of the membrane surface. 5 cut glass membrane surface, usually don't use hard objects. 6, for glass membrane surface water vapor, want to often dry. 7, advising clients to glass glue around the edge of the glass.
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