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Three-proof tarpaulin has three-proof: waterproof, fireproof, mildewproof

by:LINYANG     2022-09-29
There are still a lot of tarpaulins on the market, which can not meet the normal use specifications and are expensive. Therefore, the editor advocates that you must choose a regular tarpaulin manufacturer when purchasing tarpaulins. Considering the various uses of the tarpaulin, the general requirements should be: light weight, easy to fold, easy to transfer and operate; high strength, wear resistance, long service life; good waterproof performance and breathability, and anti-condensation on the inside ; Acid and alkali resistance, mildew resistance, corrosion resistance; good weather resistance, flame retardant, fire prevention; no wicking effect, no moisture conduction phenomenon. Under normal circumstances, tarpaulins are generally required to have 'three defenses' functions. Namely waterproof, fireproof (flame retardant), mildew proof. The tarpaulin considers its air permeability, especially the military tent fabric. The factors affecting the air permeability include the base fabric arrangement, density, material, type of waterproof packing agent, and the amount of resin adhesion. With the increase of resin adhesion, the air permeability of the tarpaulin decreases. Of course this has to do with the cleaning agent used. Generally, most of the tents with air permeability are made of cotton, vinylon, lacquer and other short-fiber fabrics that are cleaned by paraffin or acrylic resin.
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