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Three layers of scratch-resistant protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-20
Three layers and anti-scrape protective film product features excellent joint exhaust and does not produce bubbles and can be repeatedly paste Japan imported silicone coating, high temperature resistance, excellent weather resistance, the United States imported UV curing equipment, to ensure reach above 3 h scratch-resistant, durable use light transmittance of 94%, PSP, GPS, LCD panels, such as protection, such as mobile phones, tablets, touch screen protection products structure silicone PET protective film + hardening layer 2 mu m + PET base 100 mu m + 23 mu m + PET mold silicone adhesive layer 50 mu mu m m product performance matrix color substrate thickness adhesion gf/inch level of scratch-resistant coating thickness PET clear 505 - mu m characteristics and application fields 103 h25 is suitable for small and medium size panel, mobile phone, touch panel, car navigation, digital camera, digital video camera screen saver PET transparent - 1005 H25pet transparent 10030-103 403H25
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