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Three layer structure and price of PET

by:LINYANG     2020-03-20
Three layers of PET protective film is typically used for mobile phone film and tablet press, mainly for finger after won't produce scratches on screen and can realize the stress response of the screen. Used in PET film on the screen, usually there are three kinds of structure, from type membrane + protective film, from type membrane, a layer for use in the middle of the layer, namely real on the screen of a layer of film, bag from type membrane to the outside of the use of membrane main effect is to isolate, filling, protection and easy to strip. Protection using membrane integrity and smooth, and in the post screen won't produce bubbles influence use and appearance. A plain film co. , LTD. , for the majority of consumers with affordable three layers of PET protective film, from type membrane 0. 0 05 mm, use layer. 188 mm with 0. 125 mm the three layers of PET protective film, a large number of supply, price of 8. 8 yuan per square, 30 yuan a kilo. Stamping fee plus.
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