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This summer the most popular, popular tarpaulin specifications

by:LINYANG     2020-04-04
Tarpaulin factory provide this summer the most sell like hot cakes, now popular tarpaulins specifications, product parameters are as follows: specifications; 3 * 4, 4 * 6, 6 * 8, 8 * 10, 10 * 12, 10 * 20 various types, such as can also be customized according to customer's requirements. G, 85 g to 250 g. Silver color, double white, green, blue, silver, blue and white, orange and so on all sorts of color. This product is waterproof, prevent bask in, anti-aging, durable, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, etc. Use, car, leisure tour bus, ships, construction site, equipment, etc. Four horns and baojia, rope for fixation in border areas. A, product introduction with German import tarpaulin materials produced by seiko, also known as the PE tarpaulin. Processing customized various specifications and color of cloth, it has a sun, antifreeze, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, light, easy to fold, durable. Second, the main use 1. Used cars, trains, ships shipping tarpaulin. 2. As a station wharf harbor airport open-air warehouse stacking cover content with. 3. Can build temporary silos open cover with 4 and various kinds of crops. For electric power construction site construction site and other sites makeshift sheds, temporary warehouse materials. 5. It can be processed with camping tents and all kinds of machinery and equipment outer sheath. Three, product characteristics and use 1. With functions of waterproof, mouldproof, and have light, high tensile strength, acid and alkali, high temperature resistance, easy wash fold, etc. 2. This product is in use process should be avoided and the sharp metal edges. 3. Products use if there are any damage, which can be used liquid coating repair. 4. Product quality assurance and after-sales service for users. Above is linyi liqun tarpaulin factory at http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/recent sell like hot cakes tarpaulins, waiting for what, quickly take phone to order, also can log in our official website.
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