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Things to pay attention to when using plastic tarpaulins

by:LINYANG     2023-01-28
Generally speaking, plastic tarpaulins will have the performance characteristics of waterproof, mildew proof, cold resistance, aging resistance, anti-static and so on, but we should pay attention to its protection in use. In the process of handling, you should also try to pay attention to the uniform force to prevent the outer packaging from being damaged and torn by brute force, and also pay attention to fire prevention. When using, you should avoid sharp objects from scratching the fabric, and after use, it should be unfolded and dried, and then packaged and stored for reuse. When stacking in the inventory, attention should be paid to preventing moisture and rodent bites, and depending on the local humidity and climate, they should be dried regularly. Plastic tarpaulins are still widely used and have high strength. They are much better than traditional tarpaulins in terms of breaking strength, tear elongation and tearing strength.
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