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Thermal adhesive tape/heat-resistant thermal adhesive transfer tape

by:LINYANG     2019-12-22
Thermal adhesive tape/heat-resistant thermal adhesive transfer tape thermal adhesive tape is made of acrylic polymer-free and fiberglass tape. Non-substrate thermal adhesive tape is a white tape made of acrylic polymer and covered with release film. Glass fiber thermal conductive tape is made of glass fiber coated with special pressure sensitive adhesive. Features 1. It has both high thermal conductivity and insulating materials and is convenient to use. Operate on uneven surfaces and assemble ideal materials between machines. 2. The polymer used makes the product have excellent softness, compliance, self-adhesive and high compression ratio, especially self-adhesive parts, which can make the Assembly of the production line easier. 3. Adapt to a large working temperature range, can effectively overcome various harsh environments, can fill uneven surfaces, and fully output heat sources on electronic components, even if the enclosed space does not change any mechanism, it can be used. 4. At the same time, it can effectively solve the problems of heat conduction, heat insulation and buffering of customers, and control and detect various harmful substances. It is an ideal choice for customers in the application of related electronic products. 5. On the fixed heat sink on the chipset or soft Board, the 3T thermal conductive tape has instant adhesion, insulation, low gas release and high thermal conductivity.

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