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There is no mandatory 'three guarantees' in the industrial and commercial departments

by:LINYANG     2020-01-29


recently, Mr. Lin told reporters that he bought a car in the store. At that time, the dealer had a distribution film, and informed that the film has a two-year warranty period. However, after using it for more than three months, I found that the car film was foaming. Therefore, Mr. Lin took advantage of the dealer's opportunity to provide the first free vehicle maintenance, allowing after-sales personnel to maintain the window film. As a result, it was rejected by the staff.

The reason for the other party's rejection is that the film Bubble is a natural loss and cannot be repaired and replaced. ' It was the dealer who did not do a good job of filming, which led to problems. ' Mr. Lin said that since the warranty period, the other party should give a warranty. The reporter found that there were indeed many subtle bubbles on Mr. Lin's window. However, Mr. Lin only had a warranty for the vehicle, but there was no warranty for the film.

The Staff of the brand car store told the reporter that the dealer has promised Mr. Lin to replace the film of the two rear triangular windows, and the other four windows are difficult to replace. ' The window film will be replaced free of charge unless it is caused by a large area of bubbles or folding due to a mistake in the operation of the staff. ' The staff said that in daily use, the window film will inevitably produce bubbles due to exposure to the air and contact with rain and dust. ' The car film is a gift and is not covered by the vehicle warranty. '

The Industry and Commerce Department said that China's laws are not mandatory for window stickers. Three Guarantees'Regulations.

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