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There are three major problems in the development of plastic packaging materials industry

by:LINYANG     2020-02-01


recently, experts from the plastic packaging Committee of the China Packaging Federation pointed out,'Fifteen' During this period, the development of plastic packaging materials in China has achieved good results, but there is still a big gap compared with the world's advanced level. At present, the development of plastic packaging materials industry has the following three problems, which need to be taken seriously by the industry.

blind development of oversupply causes waste

According to incomplete statistics,'Fifteen' During this period, China introduced a total of 3500 sets of plastic packaging materials and production lines, which were too many and too fast, resulting in oversupply of production capacity, especially biaxial stretching films. BOPP introduced 70 sets of production lines, which is equivalent to the number of imported sets in the past. In 2005, the production capacity reached 1. 93 million tons and the output was only 1. 66 million tons; BOPET has built more than 20 10 thousand-ton production lines with an additional capacity of 550 thousand tons and an output of only 330 thousand tons; BOPA's production capacity has been maintained at 6000 tons until 2003. In the past two years, 12 enterprises in the whole industry have introduced 17 production lines with a capacity of 70 thousand tons, while the current market only needs 2-50 thousand tons. Many companies spend tens of millions of yuan or even more than 0. 1 billion yuan to introduce production lines, and the date of production is the time to stop production. The pressure on enterprises is very high. The main reason for this situation is that there is a lack of overall planning and effective control over the development of the industry, in particular, the introduction of equipment with large capacity and unit price close to 100 million yuan in the industry should be strengthened in terms of regional layout and total control.

because it is an extensive operation, any enterprise that has money will introduce it, and when it sees others introduce it, it will also introduce it. This kind of swarm of bees will form the same product, in a limited market, mutual price reduction and disorderly competition are urgent problems to be solved in the current industry.

lack of independent innovation ability and development stamina

due to insufficient funds, the enterprise has little investment in science and technology, weak development ability and weak awareness, most companies pin their technological progress on the continuous introduction of equipment or copying other people's new products. The industry usually introduces technology and equipment from generation to generation. From industries to enterprises, they have not formed independent innovation ability, have not established scientific and technological service system, and lack research on technological development policies of enterprises, nor did it study the development direction of products from the combination of economy and technology, nor did it organize the power to seriously digest and absorb the imported equipment and technology, draw inferences from one instance, and innovate independently, the development of the industry lacks stamina. To achieve stable, rapid and healthy development, it can only be a paper talk.

Policies and regulations lag behind the development of the Industry

The use of recycled materials and fillers to produce fake and shoddy products is common in the plastic packaging material industry, the emergence of toxic packaging products, environmental landscape pollution caused by plastic waste, mutual price reduction and vicious competition in the market, production and development in a laissez-faire chaos, not only disturbs the market, it damages the interests of consumers and also causes environmental pollution, affecting the healthy development of plastic packaging equipment enterprises and industries. One of the main reasons is the lack of effective administrative means and effective policy intervention and legal punishment. The formulation of current policies and regulations obviously lags behind the development of production and industry. Up to now, there is no industry management regulation in the plastic packaging material industry, and the management of waste recycling needs to be improved and supplemented. This is a major defect in the development of the industry, resulting in the rapid improvement of the production technology and industry management level of plastic packaging equipment.

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