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The variability of the PVC film and the scope of use

by:LINYANG     2020-06-16
PVC film, a form of polyvinyl chloride, is also a form of plastic wrap for our household. The rapid development of modern technology has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, and many objects in our lives are composed of polymers. Most of the bottles and boxes are made of plastic materials, and the plastic is strong in plasticity and has many forms, especially the hardness. It can be as hard as steel or as soft as film. The pvc film is its soft performance. ???? The PVC transparent film is the main constituent material of most stickers, plastic wraps, and light-emitting wallpapers. PVC itself has versatile characteristics, so it is used in many ways. This PVC is generally suitable for food and beverage , Electrical appliances, medicine, daily necessities, toys, cosmetics, light industrial hardware and other light and small products, the special film for labels is suitable for commodity labels and one-time opening after printing, and the special standard sets after setting are widely used for wine bottle cap packaging.
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